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Welcome to the  Featured Collectors section of SilverKingTractors.com

This page is dedicated to all the  collectors and the effort that they put into making their machines  "better than new".

Click below on the highlighted name and read their restoration story below:

1.  Jamie Bowman  of Wooster, Ohio and his  restored Model 42 SILVER KING.

2.  Frank and Jody Tyson    of Brenham , Texas and  their immaculate model 348 Silver King and 1934 Plymouth tractor.

3. Gilmer Bost  of Mt. Pleasant,  NC  and the interesting story behind his  restored Model 42 SILVER KING.

4. Clifton Hathaway of Rock Stream, NY,  take a look at his  before and after shots of a 1937 R-44, and the history of this machine.

5. Bill and Margaret Whitaker of  Gallatin, Tennessee and their rare 1940 Silver King High clearance tractor.

6. Dave McClary and his early 1935 R-38 with mounted Oliver Plow.