Gilmer Bost's 

                1947 SILVER KING SN 7163

                               My father purchased the 3 wheeled Silver King in 1952 from
                    the Allis Chalmers dealer in Albemarle, NC for about $450. I
                    was six years old when it was delivered. While climbing all
                    over it I discovered it had a horn. How neat I thought, a
                    tractor with a horn, so I proceeded to blow and blow it the
                    rest of the day. The horn soon broke and for some strange
                    reason, my father never tried to fix it.

                         The tractor was in constant use on the farm until 1964
                   when my father quit farming full time and went to work for
                   the Department of Agriculture inspecting poultry. It was
                   always well maintained and was repainted once. It was then
                   used sparingly after that and was finally parked in a shed
                   to gather dust.

                         My brother Herman told me he would restore it for me if I
                   could get my mother to let me have ''Silver''. I kept hinting
                   and asking  her to sell it to me for about a year. Finally
                   she agreed to let me have it for 250.......cents. It didn't
                   take me long to count out and present her with 250 pennies.
                   She even made me a title for it. I now owned ''Silver''.

                         The restoration began about Easter, 1989. Silver was
                   towed out of the shed to the back yard where a battery was
                   installed. it then needed some ignition work.My other
                   brother, Brown supplied points, condenser and some other
                   parts he bought for his tractor but had not used yet. We got
                   the engine running with little trouble.

                         Next, decals were ordered and silver and red paint was
                   purchased. Silver was then taken to Herman's house nearby so
                   he could work out of his basement. The sanding and painting
                   was done and in a few weeks Silver was back home. The final
                   part of the job was then completed, the decals were put on.
                   She really looked great, and still does. I bought a bedspread
                   at a yardsale for a dollar to cover the hood to keep the dust
                   off and the decals looking fresh.

                         In September of 1989 near disaster struck, a storm called
                   Hugo came roaring through and blew the 3 car garage down on
                   Silver and her 2 companions, a 1952 Studebaker and a Dodge
                   van. She got a few scratches from a ladder that fell on her
                   hood but otherwise was unharmed. 
                  The garage has been put back
                  together and Silver resides in her corner under her

                        Silver Kings were made in Plymouth, Ohio and were called
                  Plymouths. A dispute with Chrysler prompted the name change.
                  According to the serial number book, 8717 were assembled
                  between 1934 and 1954. My Silver King, number 7163 is a 3
                  wheeler with a 4 cylinder Continental red seal engine. It's
                  the standard color, silver with red wheels, deck and decals.
                  I also have a 1948 Silver King parts tractor, serial number
                  7482 that is maybe 60 per cent complete.

 would like to thank Gilmer Bost for submiting his story. We're looking forward to hearing about the other one!

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