Questions About Silver Kings and Plymouth Tractors

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Plymouth History ... ?

Question: When were the first Plymouth's built ?

Answer: It appears that prototypes were built in early 1933 with the first Plymouth being advertised in the Nov. 1933 Plymouth Advertiser

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Silver King History ... ?

Question: Who built the Silver King tractor ?

Answer:  They were built by the Fate Root Heath Company of Plymouth Ohio from 1934 to 1954. The Plymouths were built in late 1933 to early 1934.

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Engines ... ?

Question: What engine was in the Plymouth tractor ?

Answer: The Plymouth Tractor used a Hercules IXA engine as shown below.

Question: What engine did early Silver King Tractors have ?

Answer:  Many 1935 Silver Kings used the Hercules IXA.Then they were equipped with a Hercules IXB 4 cylinder until the model 41 came out in about  1941. Then a Continental F162 inline 4 cylinder was installed. Go to ' Models" page for more info.

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Drive Train ... ?

Chassis ... ?


Question : What does the Number R-44 mean

Answer :  R-44 represented the rear wheel width. R-44 was 44 inches for instance .

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Question :  What paint can be used for the Silver King ?

Answer :    Some have used Martin-Senour (NAPA) #99-1-5732   or  Dupont 5476A      It must be remembered that the Fate Root Heath did not have a standard silver that they applied to silver kings. While most were a certain shade of silver, some workers at the plant said they used whatever they had available in the World War II era. Some farmers did not like the shiny hood that would hurt their eyes while out in the field many hours a day; so they requested a flatter color or offshade.  Some factory Silver Kings(ones used in the factory or in the factory foundry yard)  were a dark green. Plymouth tractors were Silver with Blue trim on the hood and wheels.



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