Silver Kings

 Of Yesteryear



               History of the 

    Silver Kings of Yesteryear Club


  The Silver Kings of Yesteryear club was established in 1989.  

The club has attracted members from all over the United States.

      The annual Silver King Festival in Plymouth, Ohio.


    The 2005 show brought more than 60 Tractors.  Enjoy below  some highlights from the 2004 show .




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 2004 SKY Show Highlights

  68 tractors were brought  to Plymouth in August of 2004. There were members from 13 states and Canada as well as 2 people from the Netherlands.

Below: A very rare 1937 Model S-66 Serial #2047, beautifully restored by Marv Ott of Norwalk, Ohio.

This model tractor with steel wheels(S-66) is one of two known to exist.


And a special thanks to such ones as Tom and Mike Huff who brought this tractor in 2003

 Below:1936 R-44  Serial# 1156 all the way from Mayer, Arizona to Plymouth, Ohio!!



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